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Real time analytics

Yes, with Links Logger, you can see realtime analytics.

With Links Logger, you can see real time analytics for your shared affiliate, marketing posts and YouTube videos links.

You don't need to own the platform, just use our Link Shortener tool.

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Generate a unique small link to share with your audience.

Fix invalid links by redirecting your audience to else where instantly.

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We understand you may want to organize your links like the folders.

With Links Logger, you can create various categories and sub categories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions frequently asked by our users

Is this for content creators?

Yes, Linkslogger is specially built for content creators.

How can it be beneficial?

You can view the traffic where it is coming from and stratagize your plans accordingly

Can we increase engagement in your content?

Yes, you can increase engagement by making content for targeted audience.

Is there app for linkslogger?

Yes, Linkslogger is available for Android, Please visit Google Play Store.